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St Thomas weddings 2012 in review

A slide show of real destination weddings in St. Thomas.

Since we created a new website for our St Thomas destination weddings,  we have had so many request to post our year in review slide show.   I must admit I love it too.

So here it is one more time, a lot of St Thomas weddings and a few St John weddings, some secluded island  adventure weddings, catamaran weddings, cruise ship weddings and a couple of wedding renewals..
Weddings from bridal couples arriving via cruise ship and bridal couples staying at local hotels and villas.

Not all of our weddings are on it.  That would have been a marathon but a few that took our eye.

So take a look and if it gets you in the mood or you would like more information give us a call or start with the marriage requirements needed to have a St Thomas wedding and  get married here.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

Ya know its a great life when you are doing something you love to do.  I think it shows here.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions (340) 643-4145 or email.

More St. Thomas wedding photography

Beach Wedding photography by Gary Felton

Just wanted to show a small portion of the weddings that we have been up to for the past couple of months.   While Gary is professionally editing all of the wedding images, he photographs for our weddings, I like to watch over his shoulder.

Here are some off the cuff images, nothing special, they just caught my eye.

Trick to some of these images is not only the great photography but also knowing where and when to have a ceremony.  Give us a call if you have any questions about where your wedding should be to get the best photography to last a life time.



Elopement at Magens Bay Beach

Our favorite location at Magens.

Hassel Island U.S Virgin Islands.  located just off of ST Thomas.

Love the ruins on Hassel island. Brings a whole new dimension when added with a beach wedding ceremony.

Brewers Bay Beach located on ST Thomas U S Virgin Islands.

A beach wedding should be fun relaxed and happy. I think these two have it down pat.

Hans Lollick Wedding location for a ST Thomas wedding

Your wedding is just that. Your Wedding. Do what ever feels right and follow your heart you won’t be sorry.


Hard not to get a good back drop with a professional photographer. All weddings are not on the beach. Ask about different locations where you can wear those special shoes or to be a bit more formal.


Not all of your wedding pictures should be walking on the beach. With a professional photographer let him or her pick out some different back drops to add you your beach wedding.


This is only a few of the weddings we have had recently, more to follow soon.

Beach Wedding review from the past.

Love to hear from my past bridal couples.

A few are in contact with me via facebook.  Here is one that just contacted me.

Just received this email and thought I would share….Oh alright maybe a bit boasting here but I love to hear back from bridal couples.

Happy wedding couple

Just married here taken five years ago.










On Tuesday, July 15, 2014 7:06 PM, arlene diedrich  wrote:

Hi Deb,

It has been a while (five years to be exact!) – hope all is well on your end!


Not sure if this email is still in use, but we wanted to send a note to say hello as you officiated our wedding five years ago today on Cinnamon Bay – St. John’s.

We were living in New York at the time we got married but now live in SF and are doing very well.

Hopefully you are still officiating weddings and enjoying life on the beautiful islands. We had such a great time in St. Thomas and St. John so we always talk about visiting. For now, whenever we get the island blues, we escape to Hawaii :)


Take care and thanks again for everything!


Kevin & Arlene Diedrich

Beach wedding

Wedding on St John five years ago. Simple, elegant and beautiful.

St Thomas wedding locations.

Wedding venue locations on ST Thomas in the Virgin Islands

A Picture is worth a 10,000 words.  So true, especially when searching for the perfect wedding venue on St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

St Thomas in the U S Virgin Islands is worth a million pictures.  The scenery or natural back drop for your wedding ceremony could not get any better.

How ever each bridal couple has a vision of what they would like.

To help,  we at  “Beach Weddings by Deb” will be  using  this post as a spring board.  Our intention is  for couples to view different locations that we use for weddings.

If I can put my computer skills and Gary’s photography skills together you should get a pretty good idea of what each location looks like.

The images will stay here for a period of time, then be replaced with newer ones or a different location.  The images that are being replaced will find a home with-in this blog posting site –  Labeled with the name of the venue.

For example below is one of our favorite Magens Bay Beach location.

Magens Bay beach Twin Palms

Magens Bay Beach Weddings by Deb favorite ceremony location.


After a period of time look for it in the post labeled.

- Magens Bay Beach

Simple.   So here we go with a couple more.


Magens Bay Beach with Arch for a Beach Weddings by Deb ceremony

 Magens Bay Beach wedding

Magens Bay Beach wedding ceremony set up on St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands

Perfect beach wedding location Magens Bay Beach

Without arch Magens Bay Beach has a natural back drop for your wedding.







If You have any question or concerns please feel free to contact us at  340-643-4145 or email us here.

Magens is just one of several locations that we use.  Enjoy and let us know what you thought of Magans Bay Beach.



We also have a 360 view for you just visit our St Thomas location page here.





St Thomas full service wedding planner.

St Thomas full service wedding planner.

Ever wonder what full service really means?   It means we go great lengths to make sure your wedding day goes off with out a hitch.  Since we only plan one wedding a day,  we can take the time to make sure every detail, even the bow on your dress is perfect.

Our intention is for you to know, that the person planning your wedding will be at your wedding.  Personal attention, customer service so simple.


St Thomas beach wedding planner

I can plan your wedding but darn if I could tie that ribbon.

Destination beach wedding off of Carnival cruise ship.

Thank goodness I married a sailor that can tie all sorts of bows and knots. Oh and the best professional photographer on St Thomas too.



Beach wedding stroll

Relax we have your wedding day taken care of just enjoy.

Wedding & Honeymoon all inclusive package

What if I told you that you could have a St Thomas Beach wedding ceremony and a romantic honeymoon all-inclusive for under $9000.00?

First of all let me tell you I love boats.  I love large turquoise  bodies of water.  I love exotic locations.  Tropical weather.  Sunny Skies and star filled nights. White sandy Beaches and palm trees.

You may have noticed there is a trend building here.

As a wedding planner, sailboat owner and all around happy person,  my main goal in life is to share what I love with others.

It is also a launching pad for new and exciting wedding packages that offer more than a wedding cake and flowers.

St Thomas wedding bouquet

Toes in the sand wedding ceremony

Don’t get me wrong, I love a pretty bouquet but a wedding day should be so much more.  Something  romantic, exciting and unforgettable.

All inclusive St. Thomas Wedding AND Honeymoon package for two under $9000.00

First the picture perfect St Thomas Wedding Ceremony.

• Phone consultation, email unlimited.
• We process your marriage application before the wedding at the courthouse.
• We process your after ceremony registration at the Court House and send (2) Certified copies of your marriage license to you home.
• **Same day round Trip transportation for Bride and Groom: To Court House, to ceremony and back to  Private charter boat.
• Bridal Bouquet and Groom Boutonniere. Brides color choice.
• U.S. licensed Wedding Officiate.
• Witnesses (2) if needed.
• Choice of vows
• St. Thomas wedding location. (Location fee not included)
• Certified Professional Wedding Photography package by Gary Felton
• A DVD with 40 high-resolution digital negatives
• Online Gallery to show family and friends.
• Photographer’s consultation

St Thomas wedding and honeymoon package

Beach Wedding ceremony on St Thomas along with an all inclusive honeymoon

Next a Private chartered Honeymoon on board Catamaran “Two Much Fun”.

We will have your Honeymoon waiting for your arrival and will make all arrangements for you to arrive to:

• Catamaran, 40′ custom designed for 2 guests in privacy
• All Inclusive for 7 nights for 2 guests.
• Customized menu prepared by your private chef to fit your taste.
• Standard bar included.
• Private beach picnic, just for two.
• Air conditioned Private Spacious Accommodations w/en suite electric toilet facilities
• Customized itinerary
• Stay within U.S. Territory or take a short sail to the British Virgin Islands
• On-board fun! “Toys” include floating mats, sailing or peddle kayak (2 person), SUP (stand up paddle board) and snorkel gear.
Snorkel pristine, colorful coral reefs, explore the wreck of a sunken ship, or just relax and view wildlife and the fabulous Virgin Island’s sunsets from your deck chair. Star gaze at night, just the two of you, on deck.
Visit the National Parks on the US island of St John or sail to Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke in the BVI.

St Thomas wedding and Honeymoon packages

Have your chef prepare meals while you play or just sit and enjoy

Honeymoon all inclusive charter package.

Spend time together and enjoy the blue sky, white beaches and warm water of the Virgin Islands.

Walk the beaches of Sandy Spit and have meals prepared and ready for your return on board your own private honeymoon charter yacht.

Your table is set, your meal is made and you don't have to do the dishes.

Your table is set, your meal is maid and you don’t have to do the dishes.

Party and dance at Foxy’s the world-renowned Beach bar located on Jost Van Dyke or visit Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay.
Romantic and fun too, a Honeymoon most couples only dream about but is really easy to do.
It’s all up to you!
Want to bring family and friends with?
No problem upgrade to larger boat. Call or email for upgraded boats and rates.

Enjoy a sample of what your Honeymoon could be like.


Visit exotic locations experience different cultures.


Sail along with your private charter while you experience a once in a life time Honeymoon.

Sit and watch the world go by from the best seat.

After playing, swimming and eating just enjoy!



Relax it's your Honeymoon.

All you need to do is to remember to bring the sun screen.

Deborah McDonald from Beach Weddings by Deb will make your wedding day and Honeymoon week a dream come true.

Contact us for more information and to check for availability.

Beach Wedding on a secluded beach by Helicopter

Living the life and living the dream of flying to a private island for a romantic ceremony.

Take off from St Thomas in the U S Virgin Islands and fly by helicopter to paradise for your wedding ceremony.

Blue waters, blue sky and white sand.  Palm trees will be your guest and surf will be your music.

Helicopter weddings from St Thomas

Put a little fun and adventure in your wedding day.

Spontaneous, romantic and  fun.

Palm trees, sand, surf and thee.  The setting wedding dreams are made of

Palm trees, sand, surf and thee. The setting wedding dreams are made of

Photography by Gary Felton.  We will have the Landing, ceremony, after ceremony and all of your memories captured.

Have fun while celebrating your wedding day.

Have fun while celebrating your wedding day.

The images say it all.   What no images for a beautiful wedding ceremony?  Don’t just dream of the day you had relive it with the images.

No other footprints by yours. Private beach, private ceremony, private island.

No other footprints by yours. Private beach, private ceremony, private island.

We can Plan the full day for you.

Elope to a secluded island in Paradise via Helicopter

  • Unlimited phone consultation, email.
  • Marriage license processing and Court house fees
  • U.S. licensed Wedding Officiate.
  • Custom Wedding Itinerary
  • On site coordinator for ceremony
  • Choice of vows
  • Bridal Bouquet and Groom boutonniere (mixed flower- color of choice)
  • (2) Certified copies of your marriage license from Court House mailed to your home, 10 days or less after ceremony
  • **Same day -Round Trip transportation for Bride and Groom: To Court House, to helicopter and back to Ship or hotel.
  • Exclusive – private beach location
  • Landing permits and Location fee included
  • Private charter of Helicopter Bride, Groom.
  • Two guest to help your celebrate a prefect day.
  • Gary Felton Certified Professional Photography package:
  • One hours of coverage.
  • A DVD with 80 high resolution digital negatives
  • Set of 4×6 proofs prints.
  • Online Gallery to show family and friends.
  • Photographers consultation

Want to stay and enjoy a lunch?

No problem we can plan that too.

Want to have wedding cake and Toast?   Just tell us what kind of cake you would like.

All of our packages are custom designed to fit your day.   Don’t see what you want just ask.

Call us for pricing at 340-643-4145

or visit our website  http://www.beachweddingsbydeb.com/virgin-islands-wedding-packages.html

Created by Deborah Mc Donald

Wedding pointers for your getting ready photography

Classic pose for a beautiful classic bride.

The wedding ceremony is not the only time a bride wants memories of a St Thomas beach wedding.

Getting ready for the ceremony, has always been a special time in a brides wedding day.

There is always the hair, make-up and dress but also  it is a time to reflect on the coming ceremony, share happy stories.

It use to be,  in earlier times, when the bride would be given advice from married women in the group of ladies helping her get ready.

Now usually  surrounded by family and special friends it is a brides time to shine and revel in the coming day festivities.

Below are a few pointers to make your wedding photography special.

Getting ready for wedding

A brides happy memories just before her St Thomas Beach Wedding

Here are a few tip to help you make the most of your getting ready photography.

Discuss with your photographer the images you would like to get before the big day.

Decide who you want with you in the process

Have an idea of what you would like the focus to be on.

  • Dress
  • Make up session
  • Hair
  • Shoes
  • brides maids
  • location of getting ready

Also decide on how far in the getting ready process you would like the photographer to start taking images.

  • While dress is on hanger.
  • While dress is being laced up
  • After dress is completely on

Try to make sure the area for the pictures session is free of clutter and has good light.

Allow the photographer to choose the images he or she thinks would work in addition to your suggestions.

Remember each photographer is an artist and if a professional will be able to steer you in the right direction.

Listen to their suggestions and let them have the lead on picking locations and light.


St Thomas Wedding Photographer getting ready image

Special time for bride just before the St Thomas wedding ceremony


By Deborah McDonald




Romantic Sapphire Bay Beach for a St Thomas wedding

A beautiful, romantic St Thomas wedding location.

These images of a recent wedding  is one of the reasons why Sapphire Beach and point is one of my favorite locations for a St Thomas wedding ceremony.

Not only do you have the rocks for great photography but also the sand, Sea Grape trees, Palm trees and the famous back drop of St John and the British Virgin Islands.

Of course it always help to have a great photographer to capture all the special memories.

St Thomas wedding location favorite Sapphire Beach

Enjoy the rocks, sand, palm trees and surf all in one location


Sapphire is a bit more private than some of the more popular beaches.

It does not have all the amenities of Megan’s Bay Beach.   But for a St Thomas wedding location the beauty of it is a photographers dream for scenery.

Weddings on St Thomas in the Virgin Islands

Celebrate with a romantic wedding ceremony followed with pictures on the sandy beach.


With the back drop of St John and the British Virgin Islands it truly is a tropical island scene.

St Thomas wedding location Sapphire beach

Perfect combination of Sand, water, palm and sea grape trees.

Giving you the choice of a more private ceremony location on the point and a sandy beach to do your wedding stroll on.

We highly recommend Sapphire Beach.

By Deborah McDonald



On St Thomas Virgin Islands a kiss is still a kiss

By Deborah McDonald

A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh. The fundamental things apply ..

Casablanca’ is over 70 years old and still holds a lot of romance.

I have taken the liberty to apply the Casablanca feelings and lyrics to our romantic Virgin Islands.

Here a few of our favorite kisses from Beach Weddings by Deb’s St Thomas weddings.

A kiss is just a kiss

What could be more romantic than to celebrate your love on a beach

love you more and more each day as time goes by

Oh! A kiss is still a kiss in St Thomas
But a kiss is not a kiss without your sigh


Seal your love with a romantic kiss while sailing the blue waters of the Virgin Islands


Please come back with me to St Thomas
I love you more and more each day as time goes by
Gazebo wedding ceremony on St Thomas

Not a fan of toes in the sand but want the romance of Paradise? How about a Gazebo over looking the water?

Oh! A kiss is still a kiss in Casablanca

But a kiss is not a kiss without your sigh and the sun and the surf.


A water Island wedding kiss

Pick a wedding location that fits in with your first kiss as husband and wife.

OK I admit.  I am a romantic to the core and believe that if you follow your heart and your love.  The rest will fall into place.


How to pick best time for wedding ceremony

Best time of day for beach ceremony?

For bridal couples varying factors often dictate, the time of their St Thomas wedding ceremony.

Those factors often times differ from what couples had in mind initially when dreaming of their wedding day.

The hardest thing to do is decide which factors are important enough to dictate your Beach wedding ceremony time.

Examples would be.

  • Venue, some locations have certain hours and days to hold wedding ceremony.
  • Wedding planners, some schedule several weddings a day and your time may or may not fall into one of those slotted times.
  • Photographer if a professional, will generally go with the sun and suggest to schedule time of event to give the best light.  If not a professional it won’t matter.


Best time of date for your wedding ceremony?

Decide which is important to you, photography, venue or time available for wedding planner.



So decide first, which of the three are the most important than schedule from there.

Remember this is your day!

By Deborah McDonald



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